Welcome to Doughfan!


Hi! Welcome to my Pillsbury Doughboy fan site. This is my own personal
website dedicated to the collecting of the Doughboy.

I have been unable to update the website over the last couple of years.
I have considered taking it down, but that would be like losing an arm! So,
I've decided to leave it as is and hope that one day soon I will have the time
to add the many pictures of the many new items I have in my collection.

If you are looking to purchase doughboy items - check ebay.com - you can
also use www.google.com to search for 'doughboy collectibles'.

Legal Junk......

This site is in no way affiliated with, related to, in business with, or in competition with the Pillsbury Company or any of it's affiliates.  The official Pillsbury Doughboy site is http://www.doughboy.com or http://www.pillsbury.com .  All photos, graphics, and clipart were created by me from my own personal collection.  This is a personal website, not for commercial use.

This page was last updated on 03/14/08.   The Doughboy™, Haagen-Dazs«, Old El Paso«, Green Giant«, Pillsbury Sprout, and
Bake-Off« are ęThe Pillsbury Company.  Their World Wide Web Address is http://www.pillsbury.com